Employment Discrimination in Hartford

You are protected by both state and federal law from discrimination based upon gender, religious beliefs, your country of origin, race, age, sexual orientation, skin color, pregnancy or any disability. Although a worker may be aware that he or she is protected by law, the idea of taking legal action can be frightening. We all need our jobs, and the fear of retaliation may cause a worker to continue to perform his or her duties, and allow the discrimination to continue. We don't think that is right.

We have 37 years of experience, and we are zealous advocates for employees who are suffering from workplace discrimination. You have the right to live and work peacefully, without having to deal with those who choose to make less of you for any reason. There are a range of discriminatory practices that could allow for a claim to be filed, including hiring practices, wrongful termination, a failure to get a promotion that you deserved, as well as issues regarding the wages you receive. Ongoing disparaging remarks that violate your rights are harmful -- and illegal.

If you are suffering from workplace discrimination, contact our firm. We are prepared to discuss your case with you confidentially, and to take action so that the discriminatory practices are brought to an end. If you have been wrongfully terminated, we can seek compensation for you, either in civil court, or in a settlement that is negotiated with your employer or the attorneys that represent the employer. We know what to do, and will treat your case with the utmost confidentiality. Call Cicchiello & Cicchiello, LLP for more information.

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