Hartford Construction Accident Attorney: Scaffolding

Injured in a scaffolding accident?

Construction sites represent a danger zone when the federal safety regulations and the state laws of Connecticut are not met. Scaffolding can be particularly harmful if not assembled and erected properly or used with caution by construction workers, window washers, roofers, painters and siders. Workers can fall off the scaffolding or badly injure themselves if it is not securely braced, the work platforms are unbalanced or are missing parts, or the conduct of the workers is negligent. It can also be a threat to pedestrians walking by or through the scaffolding and passing cars. Objects can fall off the scaffolding platforms and the scaffolding itself can disassemble onto innocent passersby.

The consequences of this type of construction accident can be severe. Workers who are hurt while on the work premise are not always taken care of by their employer's workers' compensation insurance company. That is why it is wise to seek legal recourse so that you and your family's best interests are served. A Hartford personal injury attorney will explain your rights in detail, thoroughly investigate the scene of the accident, conduct witness interviews, and aggressively fight for fair compensation in court if a fair settlement is not reached through negotiation. At Cicchiello & Cicchiello, our dedicated team of lawyers with almost 40 years of combined experience will can assist you in seeking to recover damages in your personal injury case.

Construction Accident Injury Claims

The potential dangers of working with scaffolding are evident, which is why failing to take the necessary precautions to insure a safe work environment should not be left unpunished. Injuries can range from scratches and bruises, to sprains and broken bones, neck, head and back injuries, to paralysis and death. Compensation could be awarded to you for the following damages:

  • Loss of work, income, and future employment opportunities
  • Medical care expenses
  • Chronic pain, permanent disability or paralysis
  • Emotional and physical pain and suffering
  • Loss of a family member

It is recommended that you hire your own legal representation in the event that your employer's insurance company does not fairly compensate you for your injuries. There could be third party liability in your case that will allow us to pursue compensation beyond workers' compensation benefits. Our firm will work hard to pursue fair and full compensation and will zealously protect your rights.

Contact a Hartford personal injury lawyer from our firm today if you were injured in a scaffolding accident or any other construction related accident.

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