Hartford Construction Accident Lawyer: Electrocutions

A Hartford Personal Injury Attorney Can Help With Your Electrocution Claims

Electricity is a powerful source of energy that can cause serious injury if not handled properly and with care. Electrocution accidents can occur if a utility pole is not maintained, rots and collapses. They can also occur if a worker cuts through underground cables with a crane or jackhammer, if a bucket-truck is insufficiently insulated for working with live power cables, if a cable is handled while thought to be dead, and if poor temporary wiring creates electricity in puddles or other masses of water. Electrocution accidents usually result from negligence on a construction site, lack of upkeep and maintenance of utility poles and power lines, inadequate training for workers and disregard for safety rules and regulations.

At Cicchiello & Cicchiello, we want to help you and your family if you were the victim of an electrocution accident. A Hartford personal injury lawyer will offer you insight on the various legal recourses available to you. We take personal injury cases very seriously because we know too well how much being the victim of an accident can affect your life.

Electrocution Injuries

When an individual is electrocuted, the electricity courses through the body, burning and damaging tissue, and contracting the muscles, which can lead to cardiac arrest. Recovery can be lengthy and very painful, depending on the severity of the burn. It can finally lead to a wrongful death. Our law firm can aggressively help you fight to get compensation for the following damages:

  • Hospital and medical expenses, which can also include physical therapy
  • Psychological and physical pain and suffering
  • Loss of income and employment
  • Loss of educational and career experiences and opportunities
  • Loss of a family member

If you were injured because of a construction accident or workplace accident, such as an electrocution, you are entitled to monetary compensation for your losses. Seeking top legal representation is your first step to recovery, and our law firm is dedicated to supporting you through this difficult time in your life.

Contact a Hartford personal injury attorney now if you were electrocuted or were the victim of a construction accident of any kind.

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