Limb Amputation Injuries

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Amputation is one type of catastrophic injury that will affect an individual's life permanently. This type of injury can come about due to a variety of different accidents. Some of the most common accidents that can result in amputation are serious car accidents, construction accidents, motorcycle accidents, boating accidents and medical malpractice occurrences. Losing an arm or leg is arguably one of the worst injuries that anyone may suffer from. Once amputation occurs, the limb can never come back and the victim will suffer permanently. This can cause financial hardships along with emotional and psychological trauma. If you or a loved one have suffered a limb amputation, team up with an injury attorney in Hartford who can help.

Consequences of Amputation

While living without a limb is bad enough itself, there are further impairments that can come with this injury. Some further injuries that can occur after an amputation include:

  • Phantom pain
  • Chronic phantom sensations
  • Emotional trauma

In many amputation cases, the victim may experience phantom pain. This means that they suffer a false perception of pain in the limb that they lost. This is just one way that the suffering can continue on for months, years and permanently. Let Cicchiello & Cicchiello, LLP help you in your catastrophic injury case. We can recover damages for your medical costs, rehabilitative costs, ongoing care, loss of enjoyment in life, lost income, pain and suffering plus any other hardships you are facing.

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Amputation is a tragic injury and while you are working on recovering and coping with this injury, we can help you fight for compensation. Contact our firm today to have nearly 40 years of experience on your side. Our Hartford personal injury lawyers offer a free case evaluation so do not wait, call us and we can discuss your injury case at no cost.

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