Hartford Auto Accident Lawyer: SUV Rollovers

Fighting for Damages following an SUV Rollover

When a vehicle rolls over onto its side or roof, this is known as vehicle rollover. Although it can affect any type of car, it most commonly occurs with SUVs due to their high center of gravity. While side impact crashes can often be responsible for an SUV rollover, it is not just collisions with other vehicles which may cause this to happen. Obstacles in the road or other factors which may require a sudden swerve or turn, defective tires, hazardous roads and more can all affect the SUV's equilibrium and contribute to a rollover. A Hartford personal injury lawyer can investigate the facts and circumstances of your accident and to determine your best course for pursuing the compensation you need.

SUV rollovers can be incredibly dangerous for the occupants of the SUV. The violent motion of the rollover can itself cause numerous injuries to passengers. They can also be severely injured by being slammed into each other, the road and parts of the SUV with extreme force. If the vehicle rolls all the way over onto its roof and roof crush occurs, passengers can easily experience brain and spinal injuries or even wrongful death.

SUV Rollovers: Legal Help From A Hartford Personal Injury Attorney

With over 40 years of combined experience, the legal team at Cicchiello & Cicchiello, LLP has a keen understanding of the factors involved in rollover cases and is adept at fighting for clients' rights. When you work with us, you will speak directly with the partners and receive personalized service as we tailor your claim around the findings of our investigation. Manufacturers are often the target of SUV rollover claims, as faulty vehicle design can not only cause rollover but can contribute to a worsening of injuries during the incident, as in the case of roof crush. We may pursue the driver of another vehicle, the government body responsible for a hazardous road or the manufacturer guilty of selling dangerous and defective products. In every case, we will fight relentlessly for maximum compensation on your behalf.

If you or a loved one has been harmed in an SUV rollover, contact a Hartford personal injury attorney immediately.

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