Hartford Employment Lawyer: Pension Plans

Protecting Your Retirement and Pension

Does this sound like your situation or that of someone you know? You work hard day in and day out for years, fully expecting that your pension will sustain you after you retire, only to find out that your employer has mismanaged your account and you have suffered a financial loss. Or perhaps you have been told that your employer is terminating your plan and you feel that you're being left high and dry. Whatever your concerns, please contact a Hartford employment law attorney at Cicchiello & Cicchiello, LLP to help you protect and save your pension. We will gladly listen to your situation, discuss your options, and if hired, dedicate ourselves to helping you achieve the results that you deserve.

Help With Pension Plans

The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) is a federal law that regulates how employers and other fiduciaries handle retirement plans as well as employee insurance and benefits. ERISA is an extremely complex and often disputed law and an experienced employment law attorney is required to help accurately explain how it works. Our lawyers, with 40 years of combined employment law experience, are well-qualified to inspect your claim against ERISA and determine if you are receiving your appropriate pension benefits; and if not, pursue litigation through the court system on your behalf.

We can help protect you from such mismanagement issues as:

  • Failure to notify you of changes to your effective date or the amount of your pension plan
  • Failure to notify you in a timely fashion that your pension plan is terminating
  • Unwise investments by which all or part of your pension or retirement is lost

At our firm we take a personal approach to all of our client interactions, including conducting business directly with our clients rather than handing them off to a paralegal or assistant. We have devoted countless hours to resolving client issues regarding pensions and retirement plans and are happy to continue devoting our time in this way to help our clients protect their pensions.

To speak with a law firm that has your best interests in mind, contact a Hartford employment lawyer today .

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